NoCo Tri Club

About volunteering

One of the goals of the Northern Colorado Triathlon Club is to get involved in the Northern Colorado community and volunteer at different events.

Members of Northern Colorado Tri Club will have many different opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.  We have chosen to support a couple different causes as well as support our own club members during certain races.  For this first year we have chosen to focus on Athletes in Tandem and CSU Triathlon.  Athletes in Tandem provides opportunities for athletes who have a disability to participate in endurance events.  CSU Triathlon is our home town college team and represents the next generation of endurance athlete.

Another goal of the club is to support our own members during races.  Club members will be volunteering at several different races to help other member who feels like they need advice or a need a hand, especially anyone who is new to triathlon.  We know there are a million things to think of and do to ensure a successful race.  We hope to be able to help take some of the pressure off and make racing a little more enjoyable.

We also encourage members to continue to volunteer in the community on an individual basis.  Whether it be at another athletic event or not, please support the organizations and events that you are passionate about.