Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

Membership Includes:

  • Official USAT Club
  • Insurance
  • Group workouts
  • Access to Certified Coaching
  • Social Events
  • Race support and logistics
  • Mentorship
  • Special discounts

Annual Dues:

  • $50 (w/o kit)

Being a part of NoCo Tri Club is more than the sum of the parts.


Infinite Nutrition Logo

INFINIT Nutrition was founded by endurance athletes who realized that the difference between a good race and a great race is nutrition. INFINIT aims for simplicity: Simplicity in ingredients and simplicity in execution. All products are formulated with quality all‐natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, colorings, additives, or sweeteners – They contain everything you need, and nothing you don’t! Our products contain all the nutrition you need to perform at your peak. No need to carry any extra gels, pills, or bars, which allows you to focus on your race, not your nutrition! Customize your fuel to be the perfect flavor and strength (eight natural flavors to choose from) to taste great all day. Adjust your electrolytes to match your sweat rate, set the exact amount of calories you want, and add protein to keep you feeling satisfied! You even have the option of adding caffeine, CoQ10, or beta alanine to your blend. Don’t know where to start? We have an experienced team of Nutritionists and Formulation Specialists ready to work with you to dial in your nutrition for a perfect race! See more on their website.

Sport About Logo

Sport About is Fort Collins best source for swimming all year round. We feature swimwear for athletes and recreational swimmers. We keep stock of all paddles, fins and all the latest training tools. We carry Tri specific clothing and we have a large number of rental wetsuits.

Sport About specializes in custom garment decoration including embroidery screen printing and digital garment printing technologies.

In addition to our swim department we have Soccer and Volleyball departments for the members of your family who have not been infected by the triathlon bug just yet. See more on their website.

Athletes in Tandem Logo

Athletes in Tandem, Inc. is a non profit organization that competes with athletes who have a disability to enhance the quality of their lives by racing together in running, biking, swimming, and triathlon events.

Runners Roost Logo

Runners Roost has been locally owned and serving the Colorado running community since 1977. Recognized as one of the top running stores in the market, Runners Roost strives to provide a fun, creative and informative place to shop. It's their goal to provide you with the highest quality footwear, accessories and gear.

Their expert staff will evaluate your gait and natural biomechanics to help you select a shoe with the optimum fit and function. They're here to help you along in your training process whether that's nutrition advice, injury prevention, or running form tips. Check out their calendar for upcoming events and clinics.

Berkana Logo

Berkana (pronounced berKAHna) is an independent physical therapy outpatient center dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of adults with physical disabilities and injuries.

Berkana uses an innovative approach to physical rehabilitation in which the focus of treatment is on the “whole-person” rather than on the disability or diagnosis. At Berkana our therapists will team together with clients in treating the mind, body, and spirit so that each client can maximize his or her potential for optimally engaging in life. For more information see their website.