NoCo Tri Blog

Today is the Tip that no one wants to hear about, downtime due to injury or illness. We are at that point in the season when we start to race, up the intensity, it gets warmer so we go longer and harder and before you know it BAMM.

As a High School and Club Coach one of my jobs was to create an environment where everyone demanded high achievement from themselves and their teammates. That is all well and good until there comes a time when you get hurt or sick, then comes the high achievement STRESS that goes with it. It is so important to keep things in perspective. No one is going to die because you can't run for 2 weeks. At this point I would have to put on my counselor hat at this time to console them and now tell them that missing a few workouts will not matter in the long term scheme of things, which is contrary to everything I have been telling them since day one. I would always resort to a jar of un-popped popcorn to tell the story. Your goal looks like a jar of un-popped popcorn. You need 1 full jar to get to your goal. Each kernel represents a week, a day, a set, a mile and interval a meal, an extra hour sleep, etc. However, you can throw a load of those kernels out of the jar and it still looks completely full. Hence in the grand scheme of things a few workouts will not matter at all you can still reach your GOAL. BUT, and it is a big BUT, you cannot stress out.... There are plenty of other things you can do to maintain and or progress even though you cannot run, swim, etc. You really need to keep the 6 inches above your neck under control and in line during this time.

Here is a pool running program that I have found to be most productive at maintaining running conditioning for weeks through Shin Splints, Stress Fractures, etc.

Friday I will talk about other modalities that you can use to bring you back quickly and safely.