Club Leadership

Diane SchultzDiane

I'm originally from Illinois. Spent some time in Texas and Washington state before moving to Colorado in '97. I tell people, "too hot, too wet, just right!" I thoroughly enjoy living in CO and spend as much time outside as I can. The last several years it's been playing volleyball, sprint triathlons, and skiing.


How I got into triathlon

I was a competitive swimmer for 12 years and after college always heard about triathlons and had it on my "to do" list one day. Well, a few years ago, I found out about sprint triathlons. I'm not much of a runner at all so the 3.1 mile run is plenty for me. (I tell people I have one speed, and it's a jog!) I did my first one four years ago on my mountain bike. I enjoy the sprints since I know I can still compete/complete even if my training time is limited. It's all about balance :-)

Favorite part of triathlon

I enjoy the swimming since it's my strongest sport. Most of all though, I've enjoyed the atmosphere of the races and getting to know other people preparing for triathlons of all distances.

Least favorite part

Getting into cold water! You'll see me in pool swims and triathlons later in the summer when it's warmer!

Why I became involved in NoCo Tri Club

I learned about triathlons and trained mostly on my own so I was looking for a way to help support a group in the area so beginners would have a resource and encouragement to stay with it.

Training and/or racing philosophy

Set a goal for yourself. Don't worry about anyone else. Have fun! Finish with a smile :-)

What I am looking forward to most about the NoCo Tri Club...

Meeting people in this community, learning more about the three sports, and helping others get involved.

2014 Tri Goals

I usually do about 4-5 sprint triathlons in the summer. My favorite is the Outdoor Divas women only in Longmont in August. I'd like to get to Steamboat if it works into my schedule. As far as training, I would like to improve my running.