Club Leadership

Dan Frost

Dan Frost

Having lived his entire life near the ocean, Dan’s recent move to Fort Collins was a huge leap of faith. After all, the air is warm and thick at sea level, and it is very easy to stand out in Northern Colorado when you are consistently short of breath and flashing California license plates. That’s why the first friendly people Dan sought out in Northern Colorado were the local triathletes, because friendly triathletes will laugh with you before and after laughing at you.

Enchanted by the movie “Top Gun”, Dan became a U.S. Naval flight officer reflecting Val “Iceman” Kilmer’s skill and movie-star handsomeness. That likeness, as well as Dan’s ability to create in-cockpit snowstorms by manipulating cockpit pressurization and air conditioning, earned him the callsign “Frosty” that has lasted long after his last carrier landing.

Frosty has enjoyed triathlons for a long time, long enough to remember that his first triathlon was swim, run and then bike. Years ago, he was fortunate enough to win some races and earn a pro card. He achieved his ultimate pinnacle as a pro triathlete in the one pro race where he didn’t finish last. Since then, he has touched nearly every facet of the triathlon industry: Race organizer, certified race official, certified coach, USA Triathlon governance, volunteer, and Kona finisher. Most recently, he’s added club leadership and indoor/garage training guru to his resume. Frosty has been there and done that, and is not afraid to remind you that and tell you stories.

Frosty can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or @DanTheFrostyMan on Twitter.